Our Story



Living abroad for 10 years the one thing Ben really missed was New Zealand Seafood and it was always the first thing he enjoyed every time he came back from being away. A long held family tradition was for Ben to go to collect a feed from their local fish and chip shop and have everyone meet up at the local beach. There they would sit down to eat and watch the sun set while the family caught up on all Ben’s latest adventures.


One of Ben’s greatest adventures was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and with many hours to think and only the beautiful blue water for miles around to keep him company, he came to realise he needed to combine this love of being On the Ocean with his passion for delicious Kiwi Seafood. Lucinda was also a sailor and just as passionate about fresh seafood and together with Ben this was one ocean voyage she was only too happy to get on board with!


Soon Ben and Lucinda started searching the world looking for ideas and inspiration and trying the many different combinations and varieties of seafood. After a while they realised that New Zealand simply offered the best, the purest, freshest seafood found anywhere on the planet. Their goal now was to showcase New Zealand’s Seafood by conjuring up exciting authentic flavours and delivering this in delicious and innovative new ways.


Knowing Aoteoroa is blessed with an abundance and variety of Seafood not found elsewhere and seeing there was a gap in the market to cater for people who wanted more than just the usual fish and chips, they decided to create a very special place where this community of likeminded Seafood lovers could meet.

So they dreamt up a beautiful store, it would be a destination where families from all walks of life could come together to enjoy the bounty that New Zealand’s Seafood has to offer. Not only that though, it was really important to them that everyone coming for a visit be able to get all this for a reasonable price and have it served by a team of equally passionate, friendly staff.


The wish list seemed daunting at first but with typical Kiwi determination they stayed true to their dream and an entirely new concept was born. Ben and Lucinda are really proud of turning that dream into reality but they both admit it doesn’t stop there as they are still hungry and looking to discover and create even more exciting dishes to add to their menu.


If you love the idea of getting together over some fresh delicious seafood and sharing it with family and friends as much as they do, then come join Ben and Lucinda on their Seafood journey and enjoy the bounty of special dishes they have gathered especially for you, all here at The Seafood Collective.


Mission Statement “At The Seafood Collective, we are all about sharing and celebrating our love of all things seafood. In New Zealand we are blessed with the abundance of Seafood that we have all around our magical shores, and we want to share our love of seafood with you, your family and friends” Love Seafood

Our Story

Why Us?

Support of a leadership team with extensive experience in retail, hospitality, franchising and business. We have existing relationships with landlords of all major shopping centers across NZ and are continuously being asked to go into new locations. The plan is to build the brand through social media, loyalty programs and engaging with the local community.


In Seafood
  • Making it accessible to all our target market
  • NZ sourced where possible
  • Being creative and using innovation to add value
  • Consistency; Tried and true, we have done it before
In our approach
  • Think creatively
  • Listening
  • Being loyal
  • Being Respectful
  • Being clever
In two-way relationships
  • With our customers
  • With our staff
  • With our suppliers
  • With our franchisees
  • With our partners and stakeholders


We are always looking for new partnership owners across New Zealand to be a part of our expansion plans. We are always looking for great locations in key growth areas with plenty of opportunity to grow and reap the rewards for the right owners. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly.