Did you know NZ has Bluff Oysters and Pacific Oysters?

There are a few differences between pacific and Bluff Oysters. Pacific oysters are available April to November and are widely available throughout NZ but most commonly found in the north island. They’re also known as rock oysters and are mostly farmed.It is believed that they were introduced to New Zealand accidently however the conditions here are perfect for producing the best Pacific Oysters! They arefast growing and very quickly reach meat weight of 20 grams in 15 to 18 months which makes them highly sustainable.

World famous Bluff Oysters, also known as dredge oysters, have a shorter harvesting season  from March – August and are fished under very tight controls from the Foveaux Strait at the bottom of the South Island. Bluff oysters are wild caught and their creamy coloured meat is delicate and succulent which makes it highly sought after. Bluff oysters spawn in summer and settle on the seafloor in the Foveaux Strait.

Oysters are high in protein and essential amino acids and offer a great natural source of zinc.

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